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    Ex Vice-Regal Silver Shadow Chassis Number LRH24643 A new Rolls-Royce for the Governor of Victoria was ordered in July 1975. The model was a Silver Shadow with a long wheel base and a division which the company had first produced for Princess Margaret. The colour scheme for vice-regal cars is Black over Cardinal Red with a parchment interior. The coachbuilt features of the car include an everflex roof, a privacy rear window, dual air conditioning systems and dual stereo systems. As the Governor has diplomatic immunity, the car (particularly the division) was exempt from the Australian Design Rules. Chassis number LRH24643 was shipped in July 1976 in a container on the ‘Kangourou” and delivered to the Governor on 8 September 1976. This car is the third of four Rolls-Royce cars purchased by the People of Victoria for Sir Henry Winneke during his term as Governor of Victoria. As the vice-regal car, it was not registered and displayed only the Royal Crown while conveying the Governor to all official events including hosting Prince Charles and other foreign dignatories. After 80,000 kilometers the car was traded in on its replacement and first registered in November 1978. In private hands the car was enjoyed by a property developer, a solicitor, a company director and as a wedding hire car until acquired by the Henderson family in July 1992 with 200,000 kilometers on the dial. In the 28 year custody of the Henderson family the car received all of the maintenance it needed including repairs to the gearbox, differential, ignition, carburettors, brakes and air conditioning. While the car has never been involved in an accident, it was refurbished in 2002 with a bare metal repaint and cosmetic detailing. As a member of the Henderson family the car participated in many Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club of Australia events. Eric was President of the Victoria Branch from 2002 to 2005 and Federal President from 2006 to 2009. Eric organised many rallies and the car was used to lead Western District Weekends, Overlanders to Federal Rallies and the Australian leg of the Centennial World Tour in 2004. The Henderson family is pleased that the Sir Henry Royce Foundation is the next custodian and will ensure that the provenance and significance of this car, now 45 years old with 315,000 kilometres on the dial, is preserved for future generations. : Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow : 1976 : GOV : LRH24643 The Car Year Registration Chassis No Saloon LWB with Division : Australian Commonwealth Ex Vice Regal car Coach: Lineage Special Features: an everflex roof, a privacy rear window, dual air conditioning systems and dual stereo systems ​

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    Publications for Sale The Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost. Origins and Development 1906-1926 AU$155.00 By David Forward A major work on the Silver Ghost and the years that made the Rolls-Royce Company's fame and fortune. Essential knowledge for all persons interested in the 40/50hp Silver Ghost and its development. David Forward has used his extensive knowledge of the Silver Ghost to write and publish this comprehensive book containing the greatest amount of technical information available on the subject, and extremely interesting to read. It has received worldwide acclaim and is in the library of most Silver Ghost owners as well as the RAC library in London. Attractively presented with 200+ pictures and diagrams, handsomely bound in matching slipcase. Price includes GST and postage within Australia. Postage and packaging for overseas is additional. ORDER Rolls-Royce and Bentley In The Rear-View Mirror AU$40.00 By David Neely A history of the Rolls-Royce Owners' Club of Australia. Featured are over 700 photographs and illustrations covering many aspects of the Club. Lists and tables spanning 1956 to 2002 include 4000+ members and more than 2000 Rolls-Royce and 800 Bentley motor cars. Additional reference sources are contained in chassis number and registration number lists. ​ Price includes GST and postage within Australia. For overseas orders, please us for additional postage and packaging costs. email ​ ORDER Rolls-Royce & Bentley in The Sunburnt Country AU$185.00 By Tom Clarke and David Neely Almost 500 copies of this excellent book have been sold. It has received enthusiastic reviews around the world. This book is a MUST for all enthusiasts in Australia and indeed for all Rolls-Royce and Bentley owners worldwide. The authors are thankful to readers who have sent in various corrections, photographs and improvements which have been incorporated in a free supplement. Further information regarding any vehicle changes or discovered information will be gratefully received and added to the Supplement by the authors. latest NB: This Supplement is quite large and will take some time to download to your computer. Late edition Supplements contain all information presented in earlier Supplements. Price includes GST and postage within Australia. For overseas orders, please us for additional postage and packaging costs. Click to download Supplement for "Rolls-Royce and Bentley in the Sunburnt Country" - May 2019. email ORDER 50 Years with a Rolls-Royce Twenty AU$12.50 by David G. Davis This is a fascinating insight into the philosophy and approach developed after 50 years of owning and maintaining a 1922 Rolls-Royce Twenty. The 40-page A5 size booklet in colour includes a detailed list of chassis changes compiled by Bob Clarke, the Australian Club's Twenty Registrar. The author, who was a Foundation Trustee, met the cost of production personally, and proceeds will go to the Foundation. ​ Price includes GST and postage within Australia. For overseas orders, please us for additional postage and packaging costs. email ORDER An Australian Rolls-Royce AU$7.50 By Bryan Inder The story of a Rolls-Royce 40/50H.P. model Silver Ghost Chassis number 12HG delivered new in Australia in 1923. ​ Price includes GST and postage within Australia. For overseas orders, please email us for additional postage and packaging costs. Order Here John Bull Sketchbook AU$17.50 Price includes GST and postage within Australia. For overseas orders, please email us for additional postage and packaging costs. Order Here ◄ 1 / 1 ► Please reload

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    News / Announcements Foundation Column in Præclarvm Commencing in 2006, successive Foundation Chairmen have published documents or contributed pages to the RROCA magazine, Præclarvm, outlining the activities of the Foundation and details of its Archive collection. David Neely’s SHRF historical consultant columns Commencing in 2017, David Neely has produced some outstanding historical articles out of the Foundation Archive collection. 2020 - December Foundation Column 2020 - October Foundation Column 2020 - June Foundation Column 2020 - April Foundation Column 2020 - February Foundation Column 2019 - December Foundation Column 2019 - October Foundation Column 2019 - June Foundation Column 2019 - April Foundation Column Pre 2019 ...... Præclarvm Editor & Edition History " " - Sept/Oct 2019 Issue of Royal Connections Rolls-Royce & Bentley Drivers Magazine Hyland and the Colour Grey - Praeclarum October 5-18 p7472 Mrs Penfold "The Most Rolls-Royce"- Praeclarum December 1-18 p7325 Magnificently Startling - Petrol Rationing during WWII - Praeclarum December 6-17 p7288 Gas to Go A Vs - Praeclarum October 5-17 p7245 Brace of Phantom Announcements / News / Media / Interesting Articles Commencing in 2006, successive Foundation Chairmen have published documents or contributed pages to the RROCA magazine, Præclarvm, outlining the activities of the Foundation and details of its Archive collection. Article in the Coolum Advertiser - 3rd October 2019 A History of the Commonwealth Car Service Chapter 6 (translated and reprint) Henry Royce - A mechanical genius at Rayol-Canadel The Sir Henry Royce Foundation - Research Award Financial Statements for the Year ended 30th June 2019 Financial Statements for the Year ended 30th June 2018 Financial Statements for the Year ended 30th June 2017 Financial Statements for the Year ended 30th June 2016 Photo Stories Photographer Fred English / Curator Gilbert Ralph October 2019 August 2019

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    Foundation Column in Præclarvm - Archives Commencing in 2006, successive Foundation Chairmen have published documents or contributed pages to the RROCA magazine, Præclarvm, outlining the activities of the Foundation and details of its Archive collection. 2018 - December Foundation Column 2018 - October Foundation Column 2018 - August Foundation Column 2018 - June Foundation Column 2018 - April Foundation Column 2018 - February Foundation Column 2017 - December Foundation Column 2017 - October Foundation Column 2017 - August Foundation Column 2017 - June Foundation Column 2017 - April Foundation Column 2017 - February Foundation Column 2016 - December Foundation Column 2016 Foundation Column - October 2016 Foundation Column - August 2016 Foundation Column - July 2016 Foundation Column - April 2016 Foundation Column - February

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    Photo Gallery These photos are a just a tiny selection from our extensive archives. ​ ** Click on the photos below to view the full gallery of photos. 5VF159 Showing 5VF159 registration ZSF-571 is "progressing through Bacchus Marsh, with the King of Nepal". Photo courtesy of COMCAR DC Electric Motor, one of 3 salvaged from a travelling crane at Marfleet & Weight. Made by Royce & Co of Manchester. 5VF155 Taken during the visit of the King of Nepal in 1971 is 5VF155 with registration ZSF-570. Note the Crown above the number plate is covered. Photo courtesy of National Archives of Australia 1/10

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    Foundation Archives - VIC To download the current register of Australian Archives please click HERE . Updated 11th December, 2020. To contact the Sir Henry Royce Foundation Archivists, please click to email. HERE To contact the Queensland Sub-Archives, please click to email. HERE ​ The Archive Register is a list of donated items and property held by the Sir Henry Royce Foundation - Australia. The purpose of this Register is to properly record, and maintain, a list of all items donated to, and acquired by, the Sir Henry Royce Foundation, Australia (SHRFA). It provides for donors’ names to be recorded and each item numbered, identified, described, categorised and valued. Items acquired by the Foundation are included in the Register under the category of Property. Every item will bear a unique Accession Number which will consist of a Code Letter followed by a chronological Item Number and in some cases a Sub Number where a particular donation contains a number of separate items. The Accession Number will be written on the item or attached to the item on a sticker. This article published in , gives a snap shot of a few of the Foundations items. Praeclarvm in April 2018 A reminder of the Research Prize for use of the Archive Register - please click for the entry form. HERE SHRF - Royce solenoid (as told by Gibert Ralph) Play Video Our Oldest Archive Watch Now Share Whole Channel This Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Share Channel Info Close

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    Winners - FJ Engish Photography Awards ©All rights reserved. No part of this website may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, by any means electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and recording without express written consent from the copyright owner. Individual works of art are copyright of respective copyright owner. 2019 Winner May 31, 2020 "Cattle Country" Photography by Bob Adby, NSW Photo of the Hiscox's Corniche "Howzat" (1969 Rolls-Royce MPW 2-door saloon, Chassis No: CRH55064) negotiating country cattle conditions while on the road to Jimbour House during the 2019 Toowoomba Federal Rally. 2018 Winner May 04, 2019 "There's a Ghost in the Cotton Fields" Photographer: Michael Matheson The Foundation awarded the 2018 FJ Engish Award for RROCA Club Members' Photographs of Club Events to Michael Matheson for his outstanding photo from last year's NSW Overlander to the Federal Rally. It was awarded in Toowoomba at the 2019 Federal Rally. Well deserved Michael. Excellent shot. 2017 Winner Anderson Leong. "A Cloudy Day" Taken on Mt Hotham, Victoria, 2017 during the overlander to Federal Rally in Canberra. ​ 2016 Winner Liam Carson - "At home on the farm" 2015 Winner Michael Jeanes 'Day's End' taken at the end of the Concours Display Day at the 2016 Bendigo Federal Rally and features the 1961 Silver Cloud 11 ( SXC28) to the left & the right, 1957 Silver Cloud (SEC347). 2014 Winner At the 2015 Federal Rally Welcome Reception, it was announced that the winner of the Award for 2014 was Victorian member, Don Grogan. Don has captured the spirit of Club membership at the Victoria Branch Concours where judges were engrossed in their duties for the 2014 Branch Concours. Judging was conducted at the Lionel Gell School of Instruction for Rolls-Royce and Bentley Owners, one of The Foundation’s premises in Melbourne. Victoria Branch members in the background of the photograph were able to watch the judges at work and learn about the technical aspects of Rolls-Royce and Bentley. 2013 Winner Winner of the Award for 2013 was NSW Member Lloyd Missen. Lloyd’s photograph captured the essence of the Club – a typical Australian setting, a line-up of Club cars on the Dawn Patrol (held in September 2013 in Swan Hill, Vic) and perhaps more importantly, the spirit of friendship amongst rally participants. 2012 Winner The winner of the 2012 Photo Competition: the photo of the 1936 Rolls-Royce 25/30, GGM3, owned by Ken Folliott (QLD) (right) taken at the Queensland Branch run to Mount Mee in January 2012 by junior member, Jordan Carson (QLD). 2011 Winner Liam Carson, who is a junior member Queensland Branch, took the winning photograph. It is of 1957 Bentley S1, B464EG (right), owned by Ian and Susie Maitland and was taken at the 2011 Queensland Branch Concours d’Elegance. 2011 Highly Commended Highly commended was Patty Aiosa’s (NSW) photograph of David McPhee (QLD) with his 1909 Silver Ghost, 1122, (right) the oldest Rolls-Royce in Australia, at the 2011 Federal Rally in Canberra. An evocative scene of a lovely old vehicle with its owner. 2010 Winner The winning photograph for 2010 is of 1937 Rolls-Royce 20/25hp, chassis number GRC24 (at right), taken at the Queensland All British Day by Queensland Branch member Brian Carson. The competition attracted 16 entries and was judged by Mark Bean, who is one of Australia's leading automotive magazine photographers. Mark commented, "Nice dramatic angle, clever use of colour and contrast". 2010 Highly Commended Third place went to Peter Forbes from the South Australia Branch for his photograph of 1935 Bentley 3.5 litre, B64EF, taken at the 2010 South Australian Branch Concour d'Elegance. Mark commented, "Cars are meant to be driven, and enjoyed. I like the spirit of this photo, especially the joy on the occupants' faces". 2010 Highly Commended Highly commended in second place is Victoria Branch Member, Adam Griffiths' photograph titled 'The loneliness of the car photographer' taken at the 2010 RROCA Federal Rally in Hobart (below). Mark commented, "I love the composition: the placement of the photographer is excellent. A photo full of character". 2009 Winner The winner for the 2009 year is Queensland Branch member Brian Carson, who commented, “I have only recently joined the Club and a good friend allows me to take his Bentley S2 Flying Spur for a run.” Mark Bean chose Brian’s photo of the Bentley taken at the All British Day in Brisbane and commented: “There is something artistic about this photo, no matter how I laid the photos out, my eye always went straight to this one. The lighting and tones are quite beautiful, and the composition simple yet strong.” 2009 Highly Commended Queensland Branch member, Kerry Moorhouse's photo of 1973 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, SRH16864, at the Pinnacles, Western Australia on the Terra Australis Overlander after the 51st Federal Rally in Western Australia received this comment from the judge, Mark Bean, "Strong desert location and good composition". Kerry's photo was also judged as the winner of the People's Choice Photograph award at the 2010 Federal Rally in Hobart, Tasmania. 2008 Winner 1923 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, 12HG, at Uluru in Central Australia during a joint Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club and Silver Ghost Association ‘Wholly Ghost Tour’ on 15 May 1996. Submitted by NSW Branch member Bryan Inder. 2008 Highly Commended 1975 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, SRH22107, at the gates of Government House in Melbourne when the Victoria Branch was invited to a Charity Day on 17 November 2002. Submitted by Victoria Branch member Alan Dyer. Please reload

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    Foundation Volunteers Gilbert Ralph, MBE OAM is the Foundation's Honorary Archivist Bryan Harper Left to right - Bryan Harper, David MacArthur, John Reis and David Kenway 1/4

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    Auto Engines Rolls-Royce 20/25hp cut-away engine and transmission (photos below) An interesting item in Foundation’s collection is a 1930's 20/25hp engine that was prepared by a collector in the USA, Frank Cooke of The Vintage Garage at Massachusetts. This is one of the finest cut-away versions of a Rolls-Royce engine anywhere in the world, and shows the internal works of the engine, as designed by Royce, in an excellent way. The engine and transmission are on display at the Lionel Gell School of Instruction in Rowville, Melbourne. ​ Rolls-Royce V8 6.7-litre engine from 1980s Bentley Turbo R (photos below) This Bentley motor was derived from the V8 6,230cc engine designed and manufactured by Rolls-Royce in the 1950s, which produced an “adequate” 200hp. The mid-1980s saw the same engine type expanded to a cubic capacity of 6.7 litres, and turbo-charged. Power output increased to over 300hp, allowing the Turbo R cars to produce staggeringly high performance despite weighing more than 2 tonnes. Later, into the early 2000s during the 50-year life of this engine design, derivatives went on to produce over 500hp. This engine and 3-speed Rolls-Royce automatic transmission to which it is coupled were donated by Geoff Shepherd, and are on display at the Lionel Gell School of Instruction in Rowville, Melbourne. Audio Conversation on Alice Anderson Alice was a quintessential, mould-breaking young woman of the roaring twenties. Raised in country Victoria, she was capable and confident, and not interested in what was considered proper. Alice opened a motor touring company in Melbourne during the first world war. The business grew and by the 1920s Miss Anderson's Motor Service included a mechanic's shop, staffed entirely by young women known as 'garage girls'. Loretta Smith has spent a decade researching the story of Alice's life and tragic early death. Click to here the ABC Conversations with Loretta Smith. HERE ​ ** Click on the photos below to view the full gallery of photos. auto3 Bentley Turbo R V8 6.7-litre engine from 1980s Bentley Turbo R 20/25hp 20/25hp cut-away engine and transmission 1/4

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    Sir Henry - Short Stories The Foundation's Historian , has written a set of 10 short stories covering important aspects of Sir Henry's life. David's research is, as always, meticulous. We hope you enjoy this series. David Neely 1. 2. His Early Years Career 1877 to 1897 3. Sir Henry's Statue 4. Sir Henry's Motto 5. The Schneider Trophy 6. His Portrait 7. Baronetcy 8. Coats of Arms 9. The Memorial Window 10. His Funeral ​ ​

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