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    Winners - Foundation Trophy All of these activities are for the benefit of and for the achievement of our principal objective to recognise, expose and honour the genius of Sir F. Henry Royce. The Sir Henry Royce Foundation Trophy (pictured right) is in the form of a 40/50hp Advance/Retard control lever mounted on a wooden plinth. ​​ 2019 - David Davis, a long-standing Member of the NSW Branch of the RROCA, has been a 20HP owner (42G1) since 1959. He has been assiduous in maintaining and driving 42G1 for the past 60 years. Through his association with successive Sydney Rolls-Royce and Bentley Dealers, with the late Bert Ward and with three generations of the Appleby family, David has amassed a wealth of experience in the ownership, maintenance and driving of Derby-built cars. Importantly, he has devoted considerable time and effort in sharing his encyclopedic knowledge with the wider Rolls-Royce community. David’s book “50 Years with a Twenty” is an internationally recognised guide to the ownership of a 20HP. Also, David’s contribution as the 20HP/Small Horsepower Registrar and his regular “20 Topics” column in “Praeclarvm” has been of significant benefit to all RROCA Members. David has certainly made a contribution to the pursuit of excellence – one of the core objectives of The Foundation. 2018 - The late Vin Kean SA. For his contribution to the motoring industry, especially his 60 year association with Rolls-Royce and Bentley through his dealership and subsequent donation of significant archival material. 2017 - Paul Lukes NSW. Paul has painstakingly restored Phantom 114GY to a very high standard of excellence. Paul has donated to the Foundation the York Motors car service records for preservation - an extraordinary valuable research resource for Australian car owners. He has contributed to the maintenance of the Foundation's Phantom V 5VF159 2016 - Steve Stuckey ACT. For his research and publications on R-R Phantom 111s. 2015 - Bob Clarke for his advice on engineering, maintenance and coachwork on pre-World War II Rolls-Royce vehicles, especially the 20hp. 2014 - Bill Coburn for contribution to the RROCA through editorship of Præclarvm, his own self-maintenance publication for Rolls-Royce and Bentley vehicles, ‘T1 Topics’, and in the activities of the ACT Branch in various Committee roles. 2013 - David Forward for his significant contribution to the owners and enthusiasts of the 40/50hp (Silver Ghost) model by writing and producing the most comprehensive book on its technical development, history and design: The Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost: Origins and Development of the 40-50 HP Model 1906-1926. 2012 - Peter Jordan-Hill for his significant contribution to the prosperity and success of The Sir Henry Royce Foundation and of the Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club of Australia (Victoria Branch), particularly in the acquisition of Bill Allsep House. 2011 - Ian Irwin for distinguished service to the veteran and vintage car movement, and authorship of two magnificent volumes on Silver Ghosts in Australia and New Zealand. 2010 - Fred Engish for outstanding photographic services to the Club. 2009 - Gilbert Ralph for his long and distinguished service to the Club and the Foundation. 2008 - Lindsay Edward Fox for his magnificent Fox Classic Car Collection and his dedication to Rolls-Royce cars. 2007 - Sir Jack Brabham for his achievements in motor sport. 2006 - David Neely for his important and dedicated work in literary spheres. 2005 - David McPhee for his contribution to State and Federal Clubs and his superb restoration of the oldest Rolls-Royce in Australia. 2004 - the memory of the Hon. Charles Stewart Rolls and Sir Henry Royce. 2003 - Eric and Beryl Rainsford for many years of enthusiastic service to the RROCA. 2002 - Eric Barrass, President, RREC (UK), for excellence following the ideals of Sir Henry Royce. 2001 - Tom Clarke for his co-authorship (with David Neely) of Rolls-Royce and Bentley in the Sunburnt Country. 2000 - Margaret & BarrieGillings for their lifelong contribution to the movement. 1999 - George Sevenoaks for his contribution to all matters concerned with Rolls-Royce. 1998 - Martin Bennett for his outstanding editorship of Præclarvm. The first award was made in 1997 to Roger Fry of Western Australia for his superb restoration work. ​

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    Sir Henry - Short Stories The Foundation's Historian David Neely , has written a set of 10 short stories covering important aspects of Sir Henry's life. David's research is, as always, meticulous. We hope you enjoy this series. 1. His Early Years 2. Career 1877 to 1897 3. Sir Henry's Statue 4. Sir Henry's Motto 5. The Schneider Trophy 6. His Portrait 7. Baronetcy 8. Coats of Arms 9. The Memorial Window 10. His Funeral ​ ​

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    Photo Gallery These photos are a just a tiny selection from our extensive archives. ​ ** Click on the photos below to view the full gallery of photos. 5VF155 Taken during the visit of the King of Nepal in 1971 is 5VF155 with registration ZSF-570. Note the Crown above the number plate is covered. Photo courtesy of National Archives of Australia 5VF159 Showing 5VF159 registration ZSF-571 is "progressing through Bacchus Marsh, with the King of Nepal". Photo courtesy of COMCAR DC Electric Motor, one of 3 salvaged from a travelling crane at Marfleet & Weight. Made by Royce & Co of Manchester. 5VF155 Taken during the visit of the King of Nepal in 1971 is 5VF155 with registration ZSF-570. Note the Crown above the number plate is covered. Photo courtesy of National Archives of Australia 1/10

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    Quotations Sir Henry Royce has several famous quote attributed to him. Some of his most famous ones we've listed here. ​ "Strive for perfection in everything we do." "Take the best that exists and make it better. "Whatever is rightly done, however humble, is noble." "Accept nothing nearly right or good enough". "The quality will remain long after the price is forgotten." "When it does not exist, design it." "I have only one regret … that I have not worked harder."​

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    Foundation Archives - VIC To download the current register of Australian Archives please click HERE . Updated 11th December, 2020. To contact the Sir Henry Royce Foundation Archivists, please click HERE to email. To contact the Queensland Sub-Archives, please click HERE to email. ​ The Archive Register is a list of donated items and property held by the Sir Henry Royce Foundation - Australia. The purpose of this Register is to properly record, and maintain, a list of all items donated to, and acquired by, the Sir Henry Royce Foundation, Australia (SHRFA). It provides for donors’ names to be recorded and each item numbered, identified, described, categorised and valued. Items acquired by the Foundation are included in the Register under the category of Property. Every item will bear a unique Accession Number which will consist of a Code Letter followed by a chronological Item Number and in some cases a Sub Number where a particular donation contains a number of separate items. The Accession Number will be written on the item or attached to the item on a sticker. This article published in Praeclarvm in April 2018 , gives a snap shot of a few of the Foundations items. A reminder of the Research Prize for use of the Archive Register - please click HERE for the entry form.

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    What's On at the Foundation Sir Henry Royce Foundation - Australian Head Office Bill Allsep House, 3/18 Laser Drive, Rowville, VIC Bill Allsep House: Our Volunteers & Archivists are back working hard. Lionel Gell School of Instruction Rowville, VIC, To be advised. The SHRF Geebung Museum 475 Newman Road, Geebung. QLD Open every Saturday from midday to 4pm Entrance Fees per person are:- Adults $ 10.00; Children $ 1.00 Family (2Adults + Children under 12years) $ 20.00. A tour of the facility is available free of charge Tea, Coffee etc. available for $2.00 per person. The SHRF Coolum Showroom 52 Lysaght Street, Coolum, QLD Open on first Saturday of the month And at other times by appointment. Cars 'n' Coffee is on the first Saturday morning of each month. Held at the German Bakehouse - across the road from the Foundation Showroom. The Showroom is open during this monthly event.