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    Information We hope our website provides you with a variety of information on not just the Sir Henry Royce Foundation in Australia, but other items, photos, articles and documents of interest connected to the English engineer and car designer. We hope you enjoy the site. Sir Frederick Henry Royce Born: 27 March 1863 Died: 22 April 1933 ​ OBE - awarded in 1918 Baronet of Seaton in the County of Rutland - created in 1930 for services to British Aviation Married: Minnie Punt in 1893 - separated in 1912 Sir Henry had no children ​ Royce lived by the motto "Whatever is rightly done, however humble, is noble"

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    The Collections The foundation holds in their extensive collection some of Henry Royce renowned items . ​ Archives - Drawings, books, manuals, sales records, correspondence etc,. Aero Engines - PV-12 or Merlin , Griffon Auto Engines - Royce 10 Industrial & Marine Engines - Meteor and Meteorite Tank Engines, Cranes etc,. Memorabilia Miscellaneous Model Cars - The Neely, Dodd, Allsep & Mason Collections of small and large model cars Quotations Photographs Rolls-Royce Phantom V - 1967 Rolls-Royce Phantom V, chassis number 5VF159 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Body - Coach work for Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost chassis number 1524 York Motors Registrations

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    Foundation Archives - VIC To download the current register of Australian Archives please click HERE . Updated May 2024. To contact the Sir Henry Royce Foundation Archivists, please click HERE to email. ​ The Archive Register is a list of donated items and property held by the Sir Henry Royce Foundation - Australia. The purpose of this Register is to properly record, and maintain, a list of all items donated to, and acquired by, the Sir Henry Royce Foundation, Australia (SHRFA). It provides for donors’ names to be recorded and each item numbered, identified, described, categorised and valued. Items acquired by the Foundation are included in the Register under the category of Property. Every item will bear a unique Accession Number which will consist of a Code Letter followed by a chronological Item Number and in some cases a Sub Number where a particular donation contains a number of separate items. The Accession Number will be written on the item or attached to the item on a sticker. A reminder of the Research Prize for use of the Archive Register - please click HERE for the entry form. SHRF - Royce solenoid (as told by Gibert Ralph) Play Video Our Oldest Archive Watch Now Share Whole Channel This Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Share Channel Info Close

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    Donation of Items, Funds & Bequests "When sorting out your stuff and clutter; This is for the SHRF, you mutter." ​ The Foundation is a not for profit, registered charity so is financed entirely by donations and cash or in kind. It is exempt from paying tax. All donations in cash over $2 are tax deductible and receipts are issued for tax purposes. Donations in kind must satisfy the Foundation’s Collection policy. If tax deductibility is sought, it must be valued by an approved valuer abiding by the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program. All donations are recorded in permanent records held by the Foundation. The Chairman of Trustees acknowledges these donations by letter. In the case of major donations, the Foundation will provide documentation entitled ‘Deed of Gift’. Any person or corporation can contribute to the Foundation and all amounts and items are much appreciated. There are several ways you can donate; Donating memorabilia and items related to Royce and his engineering career Our archivist would be happy to receive original records and histories of Rolls-Royce and Bentley vehicles, service handbooks, photographs, books and publications, drawings and diagrams, manuals, RROC-A program, mementos, souvenirs, artworks and more. Larger items such as engines related to Royce i.e. aero, steam or crane are also desired. If you wish to donate item(s), please download this form . If you are require more information about the suitability of your donation or have further questions, please email: Donation checklist for you to consider: Can you describe the item? Do you know to whom it relates? Are there any stories related to it? Where did you get it? If you have multiple items, can you describe the number or volume of the material? ​ Donating money direct to the Foundation Donations above $2 are tax deductible. Please download this form. You are able to make a once off donation of any size or donate an amount per year or for several years. Or simply complete online via our GiveEasy.Org link: Another super easy way to donate is to send us an SMS text message Text to: 0476 000 222. Type in: ROYCE Send. Half a second later a donation page to SHRF will appear on your mobile screen Fill in your name, email and cc details and amount. A minimum of $5. A tax deductible tax receipt is then immediately sent to your email Planning a Bequest in your Will You may wish to give a Bequest to the Foundation and will need to inform your solicitor or trustee company. If you have already a Will, you can add a codicil - a short legal amendment and again seek advice from your solicitor. Please note the full name is: Sir Henry Royce Foundation ARBN 080511253 Download this information page for your Solicitor. Free of all duties and the receipt from the Chairman of the Foundation shall be a complete and sufficient discharge for the Executor(s). ​ Establishing a legacy If you or your family would like to establish a legacy in recognition or memory of a loved one, we would encourage you to contact us to discuss the opportunity of titled research awards or scholarships. Please contact us via email to discuss, ​ Frequently asked questions What happens to the material I donate? Items accepted into the Foundation will be assessed and housed in specialist, secure storage, in accordance with the Foundation's collection documentation and preservation policies. The principal archives and collection is housed in Melbourne in either the Bill Allsep House or Lionel Gell School of Instruction. Sub - archives are also in the Coolum Showroom, Queensland for donations or for duplicated items. If there are several copies of a donated item within the Foundation’s collection e.g. publications, then the Foundation may sell them. The same applies to a donated vehicle or car body if it is duplica ted or of non-archival importance. How can I get my memorabilia to the Foundation? The archivist will advise you the best way for its transport. It may be posted, delivered or collected depending on the size and weight. Will my donation go on display? The Foundation will endeavour to display donated items with a descriptive label and name of donor where appropriate. Can the Foundation provide a valuation for my items? The Sir Henry Royce Foundation cannot provide valuations of your items. As a registered Charity, the SHRF abides by the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts program. Your donated item will need to be valued by an approved expert valuer in the relevant field. The SHRF can assist you with commencing this process. ​Does the Memorial buy items? The Sir Henry Royce Foundation does not purchase material for its collection. Valuation of Museum Items For a tax deduction to be available on items donated to The Foundation, such items must be valued, independently, by two valuers nominated by the Australia Taxation Office. It is important to note that these valuations are undertaken against the background of the Federal Government’s Cultural Gifts Program and take into account the “cultural value” of the item as well as its “commercial value”. It is the policy of the Trustees that The Foundation carries the donated item as an asset in the Balance Sheet at the valuation determined by the Australian Taxation Office under the Cultural Gifts Program. This policy reflects the fact that The Foundation is a registered charitable foundation whose objectives include, inter alia, “the advancement of the science and technology of mechanical engineering for public benefit and the advancement of education”. Further, these objectives note that “the collection policy is to collect, document and exhibit objects especially related to the work of Sir Henry Royce”. It is entirely appropriate; therefore, that The Foundation’s assets are formally valued at a “cultural valuation” rather than a “commercial valuation”. This policy meets with the approval of The Foundation’s Honorary Auditor. Privacy Policy Please click here to view the SHRF Privacy Policy. SHRF - Supporting the Foundation (Margaret & Barrie Gillings) Play Video Supporting the Foundation Watch Now Share Whole Channel This Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Share Channel Info Close

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