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Silver Ghost Body


Australian Designed and Built Coachwork for 1911 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, chassis no. 1524.

This superb coachwork was built by the late Charles Wright of Adelaide (1912-2003). It demonstrates Charles Wright’s philosophy that owners of Rolls-Royce vehicles have a duty “to rescue, restore and maintain them in as nearly as possible their original condition for their like will not be seen again”.

Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost chassis number 1524 went on test on 1 February 1911. The chassis was dispatched to Messrs. Hooper & Co Limited (Coachbuilders) to be fitted with limousine coachwork described as “Like His Majesty the King’s.” On 9 May 1912, 1524 was sold “as is, second-hand ex Royalty, with Hooper Limousine like the Kings [sic]” to Charles Angas Esq of Collingrove, Angaston, South Australia. Before taking delivery Mr Angas had constructed on the chassis a new and beautiful Brougham body by the bodybuilder Grosvenor. On shipment to Australia in 1913, 1524 was used by the Angas family for many years.

The Grosvenor body was later removed and the vehicle was used as a farm utility until 1963 when purchased by Charles Wright who, over the next 22 years, painstakingly overhauled the chassis and built this replica brougham coachwork. Because Mrs Angas, a back seat passenger, would be lulled to sleep when travelling in 1524, Mr Angas named the car "The Dreamer". This body was removed by a later owner and donated to the Foundation.

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