Videos on the Foundation and its Archives

Video Titles

  1. The Foundation (Russell Rolls)

  2. Supporting the Foundation (Margaret & Barrie Gillings)

  3. Sir Henry Royce (Russell Rolls)

  4. Royce Solenoid (Gilbert Ralph)

  5. Research and Books (Ian Irwin)

  6. Principal Publications (Gilbert Ralph)

  7. Books – Aircraft Engines (John Reis)

  8. The Dunlop Book (Gilbert Ralph)

  9. Books (John Reis)

  10. Magazines (Bryan Harper)

  11. Eagle Engine (Russell Rolls)

  12. Merlin Restoration (Bryan Harper)

  13. Derwent Engine (Russell Rolls)

  14. Avon Engine (Russell Rolls)

  15. Claude Mason Model (John Reis)

  16. Russell Burge Memorabilia (Russell Rolls)

  17. Art Prize (Russell Rolls)

  18. Sykes Statue (Russell Rolls)

  19. The R-R Body (Russell Rolls)

  20. Palette Display (Russell Rolls)

  21. Coats (Gilbert Ralph)

  22. Catalogues (Gilbert Ralph)

  23. Car Restoration (Ian Irwin)

  24. Phantom V (Brian Crump)

  25. The Lionel Gell School of Instruction (Jeanne Eve)

  26. Merlin Engine (Russell Rolls)

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