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Foundation Archives - VIC

  • To download the current register of Australian Archives please click HERE.  Updated May 2024.

  • To contact the Sir Henry Royce Foundation Archivists, please click HERE to email.


The Archive Register is a list of donated items and property held by the Sir Henry Royce Foundation - Australia.

The purpose of this Register is to properly record, and maintain, a list of all items donated to, and acquired by, the Sir Henry Royce Foundation, Australia (SHRFA). It provides for donors’ names to be recorded and each item numbered, identified, described, categorised and valued. Items acquired by the Foundation are included in the Register under the category of Property.


Every item will bear a unique Accession Number which will consist of a Code Letter followed by a chronological Item Number and in some cases a Sub Number where a particular donation contains a number of separate items. The Accession Number will be written on the item or attached to the item on a sticker.

A reminder of the Research Prize for use of the Archive Register - please click HERE for the entry form. 

Our Oldest Archive

Our Oldest Archive

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