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Rolls-Royce Recovered - Arrests Made

Author: David Neely

The car was a 1948 Silver Wraith WDC77, Hooper ‘Teviot’ limousine. The chassis history is in ‘Rolls-Royce and Bentley in the Sunburnt Country’ page 363 and the coachwork is similar to WAB24 on page 362 and pictured here.

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The ‘Delhi Durbar Royal Motor Car Stakes’

Author: David Neely

Read about the eight virtually identical Rolls-Royce Silver Ghosts landaulettes ordered by the Government of India for the Coronation Durbar in Delhi. Fascinating....

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The Gnoo Blas Motor Racing Circuit Orange, NSW

Author: David Neely

Orange was the venue for an intriguing chapter in the annals of Australian motor racing history in the 1950s. It wrested dominance of road racing from the Mount Panorama circuit at Bathurst and the first meeting was run on 26 January 1953. Read on.....

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E. E. Agate - Coach and Motor Body Builder. Summer Hill, Sydney

Author: David Neely

In 1889 Ernest Edwin Agate (1861-1930), in partnership with Thomas Dean, commenced business as Dean and Agate, coach and buggy builders and blacksmiths in Junction Road, Summer Hill, Sydney. Read on.....

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Darrin of Paris. 1937-1939 Los Angeles, California

Author: David Neely

Two American designers, Thomas L. Hibbard (1898-1982) and Howard A. “Dutch” Darrin (1897-1982) served in France during World War I. Both employed at Brewster’s studios in NY. Hibbard, went on to be a co-founder of LeBaron, which sold designs but did not build car bodies.

Click HERE to download and read the story.

Rolls-Royce Art Cars

Author: David Neely

An art car is a car that has been transformed into a painting or a sculpture as an act of personal artistic expression. Bold artwork often invites controversy and that is almost certain to be the case when the art car canvas is a Rolls-Royce.

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Rolls-Royce - International Car Show

Author: David Neely

“Special Rolls-Royce Imported For Well-Known Pastoralist” and “Luxurious Car For E. Hunter Bowman” were headlines in ‘The Land’ on 30 August 1935.

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President Ne Win of Burma.jpg

Burma President involved in a Rolls-Royce Crash

Author: David Neely

“A police motor-cyclist and a chauffeur try to prise the crumpled mudguard of a Rolls-Royce off the wheel after the Rolls carrying President Ne Win of Burma and a police-escort motor cycle collided in Melbourne yesterday.”

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Lucas first owner of Phantom I - Chassis No. 44SC
Author: David Neely

David Neely traces the history of 44SC, a Phantom I. The first owner was “A J J Lucas”. There was, however, no photograph of the original coachwork when researching for ‘Rolls-Royce and Bentley in the Sunburnt Country’ back in 1999 and nothing further about the first owner, other than he lived in Melbourne. And so the research began.

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An Open and Closed Case - Chassis No. GRK81
Author: David Neely

The 1924 Rolls-Royce Twenty, Chassis GRK81, has a body by the London company of Barker and was built to a French patent. The completed car was delivered to Motors Limited, the Adelaide Rolls-Royce agents, for John Reid in 1925. Read the story....

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Stolen in South Yarra - Chassis No. 78A1
Author: David Neely

The car was 1923 20 hp 78A1 with its original Windovers cabriolet body. Read the story....

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The Alberts Chose the No.7 - Chassis No. 38RB
Author: David Neely

The Frank Alberts of Sydney, who have a fine fleet of cars, specialise in number, rather than car families. With one exception, they have cornered the seven market. Read the story....

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Rolls-Royce Touring New Zealand - Chassis No. 56WJ
Author: David Neely

‘The Sydney Morning Herald’ 1 October 1936 reported, “Dr. and Mrs. Hugh Poate, of Bellevue Hill, and their five children, will sail on January 3 for New Zealand, where Dr. Poate will attend a medical conference. They will take their Rolls-Royce...... Read the story.

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Rolls-Royce Arrives in Perth - Chassis No. 54EM
Author: David Neely

‘The West Australian’ in 1935 is captioned, “Mr. A. W. Jacoby’s newly-acquired Rolls-Royce” and shows the re-bodied Martin & King saloon body....... Read the story.

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Luxury Rolls-Royce Caravan - Chassis No. 48OR
Author: David Neely

“LUXURY CARAVAN DELIVERED Rolls-Royce Chassis” were the headlines in The Argus on 8 February 1938, “Caravanning will have its peace and quietness for Mr G. R. Nicholas, of Toorak, who took delivery yesterday of one of these miniature homes built on the chassis of a 40/50 horse-power Rolls-Royce.” Read the story.

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Rolls-Royce Stolen & Recovered - Chassis No. 11RC
Author: David Neely

“An extraordinary story of the theft of a Rolls Royce motor-car, its discovery burnt and stripped, and a subsequent attempt to rebuild it with parts recovered from the bed of the Yarra, where they had been hidden for nine months, was told by members of the police wireless patrol, who completed yesterday an investigation of the case, which occupied more than 12 months". Read the story.

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Something to Write Home About
Author: Bob Roberts

Our very own Bob Roberts from the Hunter Valley took his 20hp Chassis Number GUK76 overseas to compete in this year’s RREC Rally, held at Stamford in Leicestershire, UK. He won first class in the Touring Car Class - Class 5

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Stolen in Adelaide
Author: David Neely

“THIEVES RACE POLICE CARS Youths' Wild Night in Adelaide 100 m.p.h. THROUGH CITY STREETS ADELAIDE,” was how the headlines appeared in ‘The Courier-Mail’ (Brisbane, QLD) on 26 February 1937.

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Starting Colour Scheme
Author: David Neely

Our appreciation of older model Rolls-Royces is often enhanced by contemporary accounts. This is certainly so in the case of GYZ6, with a description penned well over 80 years ago under the heading, “A ROLLS THAT IS DIFFERENT”, 

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Rolls-Royce Smash - Two Killed
Author: David Neely

The Smith & Waddington limousine on a 1926 Phantom I, 111DC, was destroyed in the horrific accident on 1 November 1931.

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Body by R Fry & Sons
Author: Roger Fry with Ian Berg

For over 40 years Club member Roger Fry has been restoring cars in Western Australia. Roger originally trained as a carpenter and the story of how he established his business is fascinating. 

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30HP 3 copy.jpg

Silver Ghosts - Then and Now
Author: Ian Berg

A wonderful five part series. The stories of the Rolls-Royce Silver Ghosts of the Veteran Car Club of Australia (Victoria).

Click HERE to download - Note this file is approx. 6MB

Ghostly Qualities
Author: David Forward
“....people always want to believe in something special, whether it be a god, Babe Ruth, Elvis Presley or Don Bradman; we need something to revere.  Thus Johnson carefully fed and watered the belief that the Rolls-Royce was godlike, infallible, inevitably superior".

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Colour Schemes on Phantom III Bodies - 1936 to 1940
Author: Steve Stuckey
Article 1 out of 4.
“Any colour so long as it’s black” it is alleged Henry Ford. Thankfully Rolls-Royce Rolls-Royce was not aiming at the mass market, of course, and in any event it was not the Company that determined the colours. Steve Stuckey has done an excellent article on this topic.
HERE to download.


Interior Colour Schemes and Fittings on Phantom III Bodies
1936 to 1940

Author: Steve Stuckey
Article 2 out of 4.
The second article in a series of four to mark the 70th anniversary of sales production of the Phantom III. In this article Steve talks about the colours of upholstery, both front and rear, headlinings, carpets and woodwork, and end up with some observations on the contemporary costs of coachwork. Click HERE to download.


Advertising the Phantom III - 1935 to 1940
Author: Steve Stuckey
Article 3 out of 4.
The third article in the series. In this article Steve talks about if you were in the market for a new Rolls-Royce, the likely  advertising came from three sources: the Rolls­-Royce company itself, dealers, or coachbuilders (some of whom were also dealers).  coachwork. Click HERE to download.


Original Owners of Phantom IIIs 1936 to 1940
Author: Steve Stuckey
Article 4 out of 4.
The fourth and last article in a series marking the 70th anniversary of sales production of the Phantom III. In this article Steve talks about In this last article celebrating the 70th anniversary of production of the model, we will discuss who it was that purchased the cars. Click HERE to download.


The Duke of Connaught
Author: David Neely
HRH Prince Arthur, the Duke of Connaught and Strathearn and the first Royce Motor Car. The Duke of Connaught it appears was the only member of the Royal Family to ride in a Royce car, only three of which were built, all in 1904. What’s more he was driven by an enthusiastic Charles Rolls. Click HERE to download.

Percy Wilbraham Northey.jpg

Percy Wilbraham Northey (1872 - 1935)
Author: Alan Payne
Family photos and research Diana Northey

This article appeared on the Box, People & Places website.
A Great Man. There is only one PN... with his singular genius for detail, (he) has had almost more than any other living person to do with the maintenance of a unique standard of excellence ... There has been no branch of motoring activity in which he has not played a conspicuous part... PN remains one of the outstanding personalities, uniting great force of character with singular charm.  Click HERE to download.


Jackson, Jones & Collins

Author: David Neely
This interesting article references limousine coachwork builders Messrs. Jackson, Jones and Collins who specialised in custom coach work, and they have to their credit many excellent examples of high grade body work. They had a reputation for special jobs, featuring details worked in to meet the individual requirements of customers. Enjoy reading.  Click HERE to download.


Sir Henry Royce "An Abridged Life"

This is an edited version of an article published in the Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club of Australia - Victoria Branch “Newsletter” No. 50 (May 1963) to mark the centenary of the birth of Sir Henry Royce.

Click HERE to download.

Gelyce Motor Launch

Motor Launch “Gelyce”

Author: Ken Ricketts, NZR-R&BC

A wonderful article and pics on this motor launch with its
4.9 litre Rolls-Royce engine, converted for marine use
from its original Silver Cloud form.

Click HERE to download.


Rolls-Royce R & The Schneider Trophy

Author: Condensed from Wikipedia

The Schneider Trophy was a trophy awarded annually (and later, biennially) to the winner of a race for seaplanes and flying boats.
The Rolls-Royce R engine featured prominently.

Click HERE to download.


Eleanor - in Body or Spirit?

Author: Paul Tritton

The story of artists Charles and Jo Sykes and their contribution to Rolls-Royce heritage. Click HERE to download.


The Spirit of Ecstacy
Author: David Harding

The story of the Rolls-Royce Radiator Cap.

With the authors approval. Click HERE to download.


The Story of the Spirit of Ecstacy (or the Flying Lady)
Introduced February 6th, 1911 as an optional extra. 

Author: Barrie Gillings


With the approval of the Gillings Family.
Click HERE to download.

The History of the NSW Club Logo
The story behind the design.

Author: Barrie Gillings

With the approval of the Gillings Family.

Click HERE to link to the NSW Club website.


An Innocent Bystander's Guide to
Rolls-Royce & Bentley Model Identification

"Never say never and never say always".

Author: Margaret & Barrie Gillings

With the approval of the Gillings Family.
Click HERE to download this article.

Phantom II - Head Corrosion

Author: Barrie Gillings

With the approval of the Gillings Family.
Click HERE to download this article.


Rolls-Royce & Bentley Jargon, Design & Trivia

Author: Margaret Gillings


With the approval of the Gillings Family.
Click HERE to download this article.

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