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Auto Engines

Rolls-Royce 20/25hp cut-away engine and transmission (photos below)

An interesting item in Foundation’s collection is a 1930's 20/25hp engine that was prepared by a collector in the USA, Frank Cooke of The Vintage Garage at Massachusetts. This is one of the finest cut-away versions of a Rolls-Royce engine anywhere in the world, and shows the internal works of the engine, as designed by Royce, in an excellent way. The engine and transmission are on display at the Lionel Gell School of Instruction in Rowville, Melbourne.

Rolls-Royce V8 6.7-litre engine from 1980s Bentley Turbo R (photos below)

This Bentley motor was derived from the V8 6,230cc engine designed and manufactured by Rolls-Royce in the 1950s, which produced an “adequate” 200hp. The mid-1980s saw the same engine type expanded to a cubic capacity of 6.7 litres, and turbo-charged. Power output increased to over 300hp, allowing the Turbo R cars to produce staggeringly high performance despite weighing more than 2 tonnes. Later, into the early 2000s during the 50-year life of this engine design, derivatives went on to produce over 500hp. This engine and 3-speed Rolls-Royce automatic transmission to which it is coupled were donated by Geoff Shepherd, and are on display at the Lionel Gell School of Instruction in Rowville, Melbourne.

Audio Conversation on Alice Anderson

Alice was a quintessential, mould-breaking young woman of the roaring twenties. Raised in country

Victoria, she was capable and confident, and not interested in what was considered proper. 

Alice opened a motor touring company in Melbourne during the first world war. The business grew

and by the 1920s Miss Anderson's Motor Service included a mechanic's shop, staffed entirely by

young women known as 'garage girls'. Loretta Smith has spent a decade researching the story

of Alice's life and tragic early death.


Click HERE to here the ABC Conversations with Loretta Smith.

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