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SHRF Trustees

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Brian Crump FRSA (Chairman)

Brian Crump is a member of the RROCA and of the RREC and RROC as well as the Royal Automobile Club of Australia. He is a past President of the RROCA NSW Branch Inc., and is passionate about all types of mechanical devices that demonstrate excellence. Brian’s favourite possession is his 1933 Phantom II Continental sports saloon with body by J Gurney Nutting. He is fascinated by the history of motoring in Australia and enjoys nothing more than engaging in a long run in the Australian bush. Brian is engaged in International Education at the tertiary level and holds post-graduate  degrees in philosophy. 

Russell Rolls

Russell Rolls is a professional mechanical engineer with a life-time interest in engineering heritage.  He has been a member of the RROCA, the RREC and the RROC Inc for over 50 years.  He is a regular participant in classic and historic car events both in Australia and internationally.  He is a former Federal President of the RROCA, a former President of the Victoria Branch of the RROCA and is an Honorary Life Member of the RROCA.  Russell held the position of Chair of SHRF for eleven years, 2011 to 2022.


Clare Gordon
Clare Gordon is a member of RROCA and RREC. Actively associated with supporting the servicing, maintenance and sales of Rolls-Royce motor cars, her firm is the only Australian member of the Rolls-Royce and Bentley Specialists Association (RRBSA). Clare is passionate about the engineering and design excellence which is the undeniable thread that runs through all aspects of Sir Henry Royce’s pursuits. Her exposure to the Trades has resulted in a strong, practical commitment to supporting the recognition and transfer of knowledge and skills which capture the craftsmanship and culture that is Sir Henry Royce.

Eric Henderson

Eric Henderson is a past Federal President and past President of the Victoria branch of the RROCA. Eric is a member of the RREC and RROC. Eric works with VicRoads as the Director of Heavy Vehicle Services. Eric is interested in preserving and passing on the heritage of the founders, the companies and their products for the next generation.  

Frank Carroll

Frank Carroll is a retired Solicitor in Queensland, with decades of work in charities and community organisations enriching our society. Now the  custodian of several Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars, he is a member of the RREC(UK) and serves in the Queensland Branch of RROCA, where he is Chief Judge. Inspired by the engineering genius of Charles Rolls, W.O. Bentley and especially Sir Henry Royce, Frank is keen to see this Foundation fulfill its objectives, with an active presence in Queensland at the "Coolum Showroom" since October 2018. 

Wallace Moorhouse

Wallace Moorhouse is a Foundation Member of the Queensland Branch (1969). Served on Branch Committee including periods as President, Secretary, Treasurer and Registrar. Assisted in organising several Annual Federal Rallies in Queensland and participated in most “Overlander” runs since 1997. Served as Federal Delegate on numerous occasions. Served as Federal Secretary from 2009 to 2014. Honorary Life Member 2007. Established the Current Federal Member and Car Database in 2010 and been Federal Database Administrator since and assisted in preparation of Chassis Plate.


Ian Oliver

Ian is a long-time member of RROCA ACT and brings an accounting and commercial background to the SHRF. Ian is currently the treasurer of RROCA Ltd.  Ian’s has a serious interest in motoring and includes many different unique makes and models in his collection. His first Bentley was a 1951 Bentley Mk VI bought over twenty years ago and from that time onwards his passion for Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars grew to be a passion. Ian became a Trustee of the SHRF in 2024 and has also established the SHRF Canberra Showroom in Fyshwick ACT along with a display of his other makes in Ollies’ Garage. Ian and Tina Oliver are truly committed to the engineering excellence of Sir Henry and Ian has a particular interest in the past history and provenance of Rolls-Royce motor cars. In 2018 Ian shipped his  Bentley Mark VI Park Ward Drophead Coupe to the UK for the RREC Rally and won much acclaim for its outstanding presentation.

In Memoriam
June 2021: Malcolm Johns was an initial Founding Trustee. Malcolm died in Sydney on 8/6/21. His legal knowledge and advice was instrumental for the Foundation's structure in 1996 and he remained a Trustee for eighteen years - read more....

Please CLICK HERE to read our list of past Trustees.

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