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Industrial & Marine Engines

Royce's engineering precision and excellence is still observed today in industrial, marine and power engines.

F H Royce & Co Electric Crane Motors (photos below)
Before Henry Royce became involved in motor cars he formed F.H. Royce & Co in 1884 when he was 21. That Company manufactured dynamos and electric cranes; parts of one of the latter were donated to the Foundation when the building housing them was demolished. Surprisingly perhaps, F.H. Royce's most successful product was a consumer item making use of the then ‘new’ marvel, electricity, in the home: an electric doorbell. The Foundation has three F.H. Royce electric motors from an overhead travelling crane which was installed in the heavy engineering company, Marfleet & Weight Pty Ltd’s Flockhart Street, Abbotsford manufacturing plant.  Photos below.

Rolls-Royce C6SFL Supercharged Diesel Engine (photos below) 
In 2000 this Rolls-Royce C6SFL supercharged 6-cylinder 190bhp industrial diesel engine was acquired for the Foundation by two members of the ACT Branch of the Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club of Australia. It came from the College of Technical & Further Education (TAFE) in Goulburn, NSW. The engine had been sectioned with cut-aways and concealed lighting fitted, allowing the moving parts, which are powered by an electric motor, to be seen operating.

The Rolls-Royce Oil Engine Division began producing various types of diesel engine in 1951. Initially the engines powered heavy crawler tractors (e.g. Vickers-Armstrongs V180 ‘Vigor’) and earthmovers (International Harvester BTD20), but later they were installed in lorries and prime movers (Scammell; Thornycroft Mighty Antar Mk. 3/3a), fire engines (Dennis), railcars, diesel multiple units and Yorkshire Engine Company and Sentinel shunting locomotives, as well as in some marine applications. Rolls-Royce took over Sentinel’s Shrewsbury factory for diesel engine production in 1956. The Rolls-Royce diesel business was acquired by Perkins in the 1980s.

Following its refurbishment in 2010, by Simon Elliott of The Derby Works, Melbourne, this engine was moved to a display location at the Melbourne Steam Traction Engine Club’s facilities in Scoresby, Victoria, where it is seen here in October 2014. In June 2015 the engine was again moved, and is now on display at the Foundation’s property: The Lionel Gell School of Instruction for Rolls-Royce and Bentley Owners, in Rowville, Victoria. 


Rolls-Royce propulsion, steering and stabiliser products are extensively used and supported on the Royal Australian Navy’s FFG and Anzac class frigates. In conjunction with partner Kellogg, Brown and Root they also supply a range of integrated material support services to the Royal Australian Navy for the upkeep of its Amphibious fleet of vessels and the new Landing Helicopter Dock, HMAS Canberra, commissioned in November 2014.

Many commercial operators and fishing enterprises use deck machinery, motion control and propulsion equipment on their ocean-going vessels, tugs and fishing boats. High speed ferry designer and builder Austal Limited is a major customer for Kamewa water-jets for domestic and international export business.

Power Systems

Rolls-Royce Power Systems offers a wide-ranging product portfolio including high-speed diesel and gas engines from MTU, distributed energy systems from MTU Onsite Energy, medium-speed diesel and gas engines from Bergen Engines AS along with injection systems from L’Orange.


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