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Winners - Art Prize

Saturday, March 24, 2012, saw the official opening by NSW Branch Member David Berthon of The Foundation’s Art Award, held under the auspices of the Sherbrook Art Society, Sherbrook, Melbourne.

There were some 60 paintings entered into the competition.The standard of these paintings was excellent. The judge, Ern Trembath commented that he had found it difficult to pick the winning entries. Foundation Trustees were on hand to congratulate the winner of the Award, Maxwell Wilks for his painting “1910 Silver Ghost”.

The three prize-winning paintings were acquired by The Foundation under the terms of the competition and are presently hung in Bill Allsep House.


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Foundation Art Prize

Foundation Art Prize

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2018 - First Prize

The winner of the 2018 first prize.
Artist: Andrew Lome
For his magnificent acrylic painting
Titled 'Pride & Joy'.

$5,000 acquisitive prize.

2018 - Second Prize

The Foundation Award second prize winner is
Artist: Maxwell Wilks
For his beautiful oil painting
Titled:  'Elegance and Style'
$3,000 acquisitive prize

2018 - Third Prize

Winner of the 2018 third prize is:
Artist: Steven Park
For his dreamy acrylic
Titled: 'Silver Cloud -Sunshine Coast'
$2,000 acquisitive prize

2018 - Highly Commended

2018 Highly Commended awarded to: 
Artist: John Orlando Birt 
Titled: 'The Long Road Home'

2018 - Highly Commended

2018 Highly Commended award to 
Artist: John Jones 
Titled: '1920 Silver Ghost' 
Car 127BW, owner Lyel Murrell

2018 - Commended

2018 Foundation Award of Commended to:
Artist: Susan Gillham 
Titled:  'Ghost on the Nullabor'

2018 - Commended

2018 Foundation Award of Commended to:
Artist: Wendy Havard 
Titled: 'May 30th 1942'

2012 - First Prize

The First Prize of $5,000 was awarded to:
Maxwell Wilks - a celebrated artist in the French impressionist style.
“1910 Silver Ghost” 

2012 - Second Prize

The Second Prize of $3,000 was awarded to:

Stephen Park


2012 - Third Prize

The Third Prize of $2,000 was awarded to:

Neville Hunt

“The Phantom II 1929”

 Water colour

2012 - Highly Commended

John Orlando Birt
"Lemans Thunder 1930"
Water Colour

2012 - Highly Commended

Wendy Havard
"Green & Gold"

2012 - Highly Commended

Ian Laurens
"Bentley 1934"

2012 - Highly Commended

Stephen Park

2012 - Highly Commended

Elisabet Smedbakken
"Silver Clouds"

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