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Car Collection - Detailed Specifications

1967 Rolls-Royce Phantom V
Chassis number 5VF159


  • Ordered by Australian Federal Governmen

  • Ceremonial transport for Governor-General, Royalty, Heads of State, and visiting dignitaries

  • V8 engine, 6.2 litre

  • Lower than normal compression ratio of 8:1 instead of 9:1

  • Weight: unladen 2710 kgs or 5962 lbs

  • 'colonial model' = extra 13 litres of fuel or 2 UK gallons of fuel for longer distances
                                = 'oil-bath' filters instead of paper filters for the air filters due to Australian dust

  • Drum brakes

  • Lap sash seat belts only in front seats

  • Queen sits behind driver so her seat is adjustable height and forwards length for max viewing.

  • Blue light car, 3 flag poles, crest holder

  • Rear seats have bone coloured Connolly leather. Not so in front.

  • Detective sat in passenger front seat.

  • Driver's seat is for chauffeur- non adjustable as glass partition immediately behind.

  • Pink silk blinds on rear windows for privacy when required.

  • Intercom system for rear passenger and driver.

  • Fittings for heraldic shield on roof

  • Mulliner Park Ward body

  • 2 dickey seats in rear

  • Cocktail cabinet with crystal cut sherry glasses and silver capped decanters.

  • Not armour plated as Queen expressly requested not to be. 

  • Small velcro tape on dashboard--thought to be when Royal family visited,
    they could attach their St Christopher medal-patron saint of  safe travel---true or false ??


1983 Federal Government sold off this car at a Sydney auction because it was not bullet-proof and was only doing low mileage. Replaced by Australian built Holdens and Fords.  Prime Minister Keating was in power.
1995 - Purchased by John Matheson & Jeanne Eve in Sydney for private use.

1997 - Driven across the Nullabor to WA for a Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club annual rally.

1997 - Participated and completed the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge with John Matheson  & Jeanne Eve. Afterwards was repainted with some panel beating to its original glory.

2000 - Donated to the Sir Henry Royce Foundation, Australia.

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