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Geebung Museum - QLD

The SHRF Geebung Museum

The collection is currently relocating due to sale of building.
New premises are still being sought in Queensland.


Geebung Museum
Australia is a vast country with population centres thousands of kilometres apart in different States.  As the main Archives of the Sir Henry Royce Foundation are housed in Melbourne Victoria, it was decided that Sub-Archives be established in Queensland. In Brisbane, items with special Queensland provenance will be housed along with any copies of archival material from Melbourne. Details of all Queensland catalogued items are forwarded to the Archivist for the central database of the SHRF.

All items are subject to the same archival and cataloguing policies and procedures as the main SHRF Archive. The SHRF has legal ownership of all the material under the care of the curator of the Geebung premises, but all these materials will remain in Queensland for display as the core Sub-Archive, Queensland.

The Geebung Museum was opened on 2 June 2018 with Frank Carroll, Russell Rolls and Curator, Barry Sparks, giving the opening address. The doors were officially opened by Queensland MP Bart Mellish. It has five rooms of books and technical displays, various engines displayed in the front showroom, the Royce room, the Bentley room, tools and equipment and a TV room plus several bookshelves and cabinets of memorabilia. Car clubs and other interest groups regularly visit.

The arrival of Rolls-Royce Chassis No.1492 was a very special day for the Museum. Click here to read more.

You will find below a selection of photos from the Museum. Below that is a short video tour of the Museum. Enjoy!

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