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    Video & Audio Files on the Foundation and its Archives SHRF - The Foundation (as told by Russell Rolls) Play Video SHRF - Supporting the Foundation (Margaret & Barrie Gillings) Play Video SHRF - Sir Henry Royce (as told by Russell Rolls) Play Video SHRF - Royce solenoid (as told by Gibert Ralph) Play Video SHRF - Ian Irwin (Research and books) Play Video SHRF - Principal Publications (as told by Gilbert Ralph) Play Video SHRF - Books - RR Aircraft Engines (as told by J Reis) Play Video SHRF - The Dunlop Book (as told by Gilbert Ralph) Play Video SHRF Video Channel Watch Now SHRF - Supporting the Foundation (Margaret & Barrie Gillings) Play Video Share Whole Channel This Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Share Channel Info Close Audio Files 1. Jo Sykes Phillips speech to the RREC. ​ ​ ​ 2. PodCast on Overdrive: Rolls Royce Owner reflects on electrified 1967 Phantom; Trucking future; Spike’s Mini Ad. Features our own Brian Crump, SHRF Trustee, being interviewed at 20.35 to 27.40minutes. Click here for the PodCast. 3. Overdrive : The Queen’s Australian vehicle as tested from the back seat by journalist David Brown. Interview with Brian Crump, Margaret Gillings & Jeanne Eve. Timed from 6:12 Jo Phillips - MP3 Video Titles The Foundation (Russell Rolls) Supporting the Foundation (Margaret & Barrie Gillings) Sir Henry Royce (Russell Rolls) Royce Solenoid (Gilbert Ralph) Research and Books (Ian Irwin) Principal Publications (Gilbert Ralph) Books – Aircraft Engines (John Reis) The Dunlop Book (Gilbert Ralph) Books (John Reis) Magazines (Bryan Harper) Eagle Engine (Russell Rolls) Merlin Restoration (Bryan Harper) Derwent Engine (Russell Rolls) Avon Engine (Russell Rolls) Claude Mason Model (John Reis) Russell Burge Memorabilia (Russell Rolls) Art Prize (Russell Rolls) Sykes Statue (Russell Rolls) The R-R Body (Russell Rolls) Palette Display (Russell Rolls) Coats (Gilbert Ralph) Catalogues (Gilbert Ralph) Car Restoration (Ian Irwin) Phantom V (Brian Crump) The Lionel Gell School of Instruction (Jeanne Eve) Merlin Engine (Russell Rolls) Vice Regal Rolls-Royce (with permission of the National Film & Sound Archives of Australia ) Bringing a flying DH.98 Mosquito back to UK skies (with permission of the Bristol Branch of the R-R Heritage Trust ) The Poor Boy Who Invented The Most Luxurious Car in the World Crediting "Business Stories" YouTube channel. Rolls Royce museum Dornbirn (Austria) Note: This is in German - worth viewing for the cars alone.

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    Establishment of the Foundation (cont....) The Sir Henry Royce Foundation Australia was initiated when David Ekberg, a Member of the Victoria Branch of the Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club of Australia (RROCA), having been impressed with what the Sir Henry Royce Memorial Foundation had achieved in the UK, conceived the idea of forming a similar organisation in Australia. David promoted the idea of an Australian foundation to the RROCA Federal Council, where David Vann was the then Federal President. David Vann and Ian Dunn (Federal Secretary) tirelessly pursued David Ekberg’s idea and approached Malcolm Johns, an Honorary Life Member of the RROCA to advise on how such a foundation could be formed. At the Federal Rally of the RROCA in Wollongong on the 28th April 1996 it was agreed that “an irrevocable Trust for charitable purposes be established” and that it be called “The Sir Henry Royce Foundation Australia”. The founding trustees were David C Jones AM OBE (Chairman), James C Kelso and David G Vann OAM. The inaugural Trustees then invited Malcolm N Johns to be the fourth Trustee. Over time, there have been changes in the people serving as a Trustee. David Jones retired and David Vann became Chairman. David Neely and David Davis were appointed as Trustees. Russell Rolls was appointed as a Trustee. David Davis, Malcolm Johns and David Neely retired. David Vann retired as Chairman but remained a Trustee with Russell Rolls taking over as Chairman. Frank Carroll, Brian Crump and Eric Henderson were appointed as Trustees. David Vann retired as a Trustee. Jeanne Eve was appointed a Trustee. The current Trustees are; Russell Rolls (Chairman), Frank Carroll, Brian Crump, Jeanne Eve, Eric Henderson and Wallace Morehouse. The Trust Deed states: “The charitable objects of The Foundation are the advancement of the science and technology of mechanical engineering for public benefit and the advancement of education.” It went on to state that “The collection policy is to collect, document and exhibit any objects whatsoever illustrating or connected with the science of mechanical engineering and especially related to the work of Sir Henry Royce.” “The Collection is to include such items as: The published and unpublished records of experiments, research and work of the late Sir Henry Royce, Any objects whatsoever illustrating or connected with the science of mechanical engineering as it relates to Sir Henry Royce, Those items that illustrate the activities associated with motor car manufacture, sale and distribution.” The Foundation was officially launched on the 1st October 1999 at a meeting of interested supporters at the Fox Classic Car Museum in Melbourne at which there was a gallery displaying cars, engines, motors, models, photographs, memorabilia and related items by then collected and assembled by the Trustees. Until The Foundation was able to establish its own premises, many years later, much of the collection was on public display at the Fox Museum. There was a steady growth in donated funds, artifacts and memorabilia that forms the basis of the present collection. The Foundation found support from established organisations such as the Museums Victoria and the Australian War Memorial who loaned historic Rolls-Royce aero engines for display. As an indication of the confidence placed in The Foundation for the preservation of the Australian heritage of Rolls-Royce, the two ex-Australian Government “royal” Phantom V limousines have been donated to The Foundation by separate donors. In 2010, following a very generous donation from Jean Allsep, The Foundation was able to purchase a substantial building at Rowville (an outer suburb of Melbourne) in which The Foundation’s collection is now housed. These premises, Bill Allsep House (BAH), are named after Jean’s late husband, Bill, a long-time, enthusiastic Member of the Victoria Branch of the RROCA. Under the terms of a legal agreement between The Foundation and the Victoria Branch of the RROCA, the Branch has the use of Bill Allsep House as their club rooms with the day-to-day costs of occupancy being met by the Branch. In 2014, following a very generous donation from Lionel Gell (a long-standing Member of the Victoria Branch of the RROCA), a second property was acquired nearby in Rowville. These premises, the Lionel Gell School of Instruction for Rolls-Royce and Bentley (LGSI), have been set up with car hoists, benches and workshop facilities specifically to accord with the educational objectives of The Foundation – to promulgate the engineering ethos of Sir Henry Royce and his successors to a wider community. LGSI is used, in part, by the Technical Section of the RROCA Victoria Branch for regular seminars. The Foundation’s archival records collection is housed in Bill Allsep House and is maintained by Gilbert Ralph, The Foundation’s Honorary Archivist and a group of dedicated volunteers. This archival collection ranges from books, magazines, brochures, RROCA and Branch historical documentation to service records from Australian Rolls-Royce and Bentley dealers. Further, The Foundation has a collection of over 20,000 photographic images documenting the history of the Club, the cars and the Company in Australia. This is a valuable resource for Club Members and for wider historical research. The Foundation also houses the archival collection from the Australian Chapter of the 20 Ghost Club. Australia is a vast country with population centres thousands of kilometres apart in different States. As the main Archives of the Sir Henry Royce Foundation are housed in Melbourne Victoria, it was decided that two Sub-Archives be established in Queensland; one a museum and the other a showroom. In Brisbane, items with special Queensland provenance are housed along with any copies of archival material from Melbourne and is the Geebung Museum. In Coolum, the large new premises is the showroom for the larger aero and ‘C‘ series Diesel engines as well as the second ex vice - regal Phantom V. Details of all Queensland catalogued items are forwarded to the Archivist for the central database of the SHRF. All items are subject to the same archival and cataloguing policies and procedures as the main SHRF Archive. The SHRF has legal ownership of all the material under the care of the curator of the Geebung and Coolum premises, but all these materials will remain in Queensland for display as the core Sub-Archives, Queensland. ​ The Geebung Museum was opened on 2 June 2018 with Frank Carroll, Russell Rolls and Curator, Barry Sparks, giving the opening address. The doors were officially opened by Queensland MP Bart Mellish. It has five rooms of books and technical displays, various engines displayed in the front showroom, the Royce room, the Bentley room, tools and equipment and a TV room plus several bookshelves and cabinets of memorabilia. Car clubs and other interest groups regularly visit. ​ The Coolum Showroom of the Foundation was officially opened on 17 November 2018 by Federal MP Ted O’Brien. It contains 620 square metres of air-conditioned displays including 5 notable Rolls-Royce engines (including a 1945 Merlin aero engine), 340 model cars, archives, books and 7 very special Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars. It is open to the public (in normal times, without pandemic) on the first Saturday of each month, 7am to 10am, in conjunction with “Sunshine Coast Cars n Coffee” plus other times, by appointment, for car clubs and other special interest groups. The Sir Henry Royce Foundation Australia is now an important element of the worldwide movement to preserve the historical artefacts and documentation relating to the engineering ethos of Sir Henry Royce and to the Rolls-Royce and Bentley marques. The Foundation’s collection includes historically important aircraft engines, ex Australia Government “royal” Phantom Vs and an extensive archive of printed material and photographs, primarily related to Australian topics. The educational objective of The Foundation is served by the collection being open to all.

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    SHRF Trustees History The formal ‘Instrument Creating the Sir Henry Royce Foundation’ was signed by the four Founding Trustees: 1996 - David Jones, AM OBE KSJ appointed as a Trustee 1996 - Malcolm Johns appointed as a Trustee 1996 - Jim Kelso, OAM appointed as a Trustee 1996 - David Vann, OAM appointed as a Trustee All founding Trustees were former Federal Presidents and Honorary Life Members of the Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club of Australia (RROCA). The signing was witnessed by two of the RROCA’s Foundation Members, Barrie and Margaret Gillings at the Federal Rally Presentation Dinner in Wollongong 29th April 1996. It came as a surprise to everyone there except the trustees. ​ The signing was witnessed by two of the RROCA’s Foundation Members, Barrie and Margaret Gillings a t the first meeting of Trustees in Sydney on 16 August 1996: ​ 1996 - David Jones was elected the Inaugural Chairman. 2006 - Jim Kelso resigned. 2007 - David Neely was appointed as a Trustee in 2007 and resigned in 2012. 2008 - David Jones, AM OBE KSJ became Patron. 2008 - David Vann was appointed Chairman and resigned in 2011. 2008 - David Davis was appointed as a Trustee in 2008 and resigned in 2012. 2010 - Russell Rolls was appointed as a Trustee 2011 - Russell Rolls appointed Chairman 2013 - Brian Crump and Eric Henderson were appointed Trustees. 2016 - Frank Carroll was appointed as a Trustee. 2017 - Jeanne Eve was appointed as a Trustee. 2019 - Wallace Moorhouse was appointed as a Trustee. 2022 - Brian Crump FRSA appointed Chairman 2022 - Russell Rolls remaining as a Trustee Gilbert Ralph, MBE OAM is the Foundation's Honorary Archivist. David Neely is the Foundation's Historical Consultant.

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    SHRF Trustees Brian Crump FRSA (Chairman) Brian Crump is a member of the RROCA and of the RREC and RROC as well as the Royal Automobile Club of Australia. He is a past President of the RROCA NSW Branch Inc., and is passionate about all types of mechanical devices that demonstrate excellence. Brian’s favourite possession is his 1933 Phantom II Continental sports saloon with body by J Gurney Nutting. He is fascinated by the history of motoring in Australia and enjoys nothing more than engaging in a long run in the Australian bush. Brian is engaged in International Education at the tertiary level and holds post-graduate degrees in philosophy. Chairman : chair@henryroycefoundation.com ​ Russell Rolls Russell Rolls is a professional mechanical engineer with a life-time interest in engineering heritage. He has been a member of the RROCA, the RREC and the RROC Inc for over 50 years. He is a regular participant in classic and historic car events both in Australia and internationally. He is a former Federal President of the RROCA, a former President of the Victoria Branch of the RROCA and is an Honorary Life Member of the RROCA. Russell held the position of Chair of SHRF for eleven years, 2011 to 2022. Jeanne Eve Jeanne Eve has been a member of the RROCA for over twenty years as well as other international affiliated car clubs. She has participated in many long distance driving motor challenges, rallies and tours in either a vintage or classic Rolls-Royce or Bentley. Always an organiser, she is active on committees and has twice been President of the NSW branch of the RROCA. Her special interest is in communication strategies honed from a career in Speech Pathology. ​ Eric Henderson Eric Henderson is a past Federal President and past President of the Victoria branch of the RROCA. Eric is a member of the RREC and RROC. Eric works with VicRoads as the Director of Heavy Vehicle Services. Eric is interested in preserving and passing on the heritage of the founders, the companies and their products for the next generation. ​ ​ Frank Carroll Frank Carroll is a Lawyer practicing in Queensland, with decades of work in charities and community organisations enriching our society. Now the custodian of several Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars, he is a member of the RREC(UK) and serves as President of the RROC, Queensland Branch, where he is Chief Judge. Inspired by the engineering genius of Charles Rolls, W.O. Bentley and especially Sir Henry Royce, Frank is keen to see this Foundation fulfill its objectives, with an active presence in Queensland. Wallace Moorhouse Wallace Moorhouse is a Foundation Member of the Queensland Branch (1969). Served on Branch Committee including periods as President, Secretary, Treasurer and Registrar. Assisted in organising several Annual Federal Rallies in Queensland and participated in most “Overlander” runs since 1997. Served as Federal Delegate on numerous occasions. Served as Federal Secretary from 2009 to 2014. Honorary Life Member 2007. Established the Current Federal Member and Car Database in 2010 and been Federal Database Administrator since and assisted in preparation of Chassis Plate. In Memoriam June 2021: Malcolm Johns was an initial Founding Trustee. Malcolm died in Sydney on 8/6/21. His legal knowledge and advice was instrumental for the Foundation's structure in 1996 and he remained a Trustee for eighteen years - read more.... ​ Please CLICK HERE to read our list of past Trustees. ​ ​ ​

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    The Royce Voice SHRF Quarterly e-Newsletter ​ Welcome to the Foundation's quarterly e-news from all its Archives in Australia. We wish to let you know about the latest events and acquisitions within the various Collections, Museum and Showroom. Also to update you about its community involvement and various Awards. We'd love to have you as a subscriber. Click Here to Subscribe Now Previous Issues Issue 10 - Spring 2022 Issue 9 - Winter 2022 Issue 8 - Autumn 2022 Issue 7 - Summer 2022 Issue 6 - Xmas 2021 Issue 5 - Spring 2021 Issue 4 - Winter 2021 Issue 3 - Autumn 2021 Issue 2 - Summer 2021 Issue 1 - Spring 2020

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    Car Collection Phantom V - 5VF159 - Details Below Phantom V - 5VF155 - Click Here Silver Shadow - LRH24643 - Click Here SHRF Bentley Turbo R - SCBZR03A4LCH32786 - Click Here Entrusted to the Foundation is a 1967 Rolls-Royce Phantom V, chassis number 5VF159 , a former Australian Government car which has transported visiting royalty and Governors-General. It was donated in 2002 by Dr John Matheson through the Australian Government's Cultural Gifts Program. And now a second ex vice-regal Phantom V used in Australia, chassis number 5VF155 . John Matheson and Jeanne Eve successfully completed the 1997 ‘Peking to Paris Motor Challenge’ in this car. Their ‘adventure’ has been chronicled in the book by Jeanne Eve, described as a ‘personal account’ and titled ‘Rallying in a Royal Rolls-Royce: Preparation, Pitfalls and Passion on the 1997 Peking to Paris Motor Challenge’. Click here for an extended brief history of chassis number 5VF159. Both 5VF159 and 5VF155 regularly tour State based Clubs of the RROCA throughout Australia. The Sir Henry Royce Foundation has undertaken to conserve these magnificent examples of a Rolls-Royce Phantom V which has been entrusted to the able custodianship of the RROCA NSW and RROCA QLD on behalf of the Foundation. Consequently, it is often seen in and around cities and States where they reside. The Car : Rolls-Royce Phantom V Year : 1967 Registration : ZSF 571 Chassis No : 5VF159 Engine : 6.2 Litre Compression: 8:1 for slow procession work Weight : 3 tonne Coach Work : Mulliner Park Ward Lineage : Australian Commonwealth Ex Vice Regal car Special Features : blue police light, three flag poles, cocktail cabinet, silk blinds, intercom system, glass interior partition Of special note: This car completed the 1997 Peking to Paris Motor Challenge . 45 days. 16,000 kilometres across snow capped Himalayas at 5,000 metres and three deserts under scorching sun. Owner/Drivers on the rally: John Matheson & Jeanne Eve. For further detailed specifications click here . ​ ** Click on the photos below to view the full gallery of photos. Acknowledgement to Brian Carson for allowing the Foundation to use his photography. Below that is a wonderful video of one of our SHRF Trustees talking about the Phantom V. Click HERE for a fabulous film on the Vice Regal Rolls-Royce. Sincere thanks to the National Film & Sound Archives of Australia for permitting the link. Click HERE for Driving the Royals Acknowledgement to National Archives of Australia - by Patrick Ferry. Click HERE for Going the extra mile: 100 Years of the Commonwealth Car Service Acknowledgement to Australian Department of Finance Click HERE for the program of the Royal Visit to Australia - 7 to 30 March 1977 Acknowledgement to the TROVE database of Magazines & Newsletters QLD Branch Phantom V Trustee RROCA-QLD R-R Phantom V Chassis: 5VF155 Rego: ZSF-570 QLD Branch Phantom V Trustee RROCA-QLD R-R Phantom V Chassis: 5VF155 Rego: ZSF-570 NSW Branch Phantom V Trustee RROCA-NSW R-R Phantom V Chassis: 5VF159 Rego: ZSF-571 QLD Branch Phantom V Trustee RROCA-QLD R-R Phantom V Chassis: 5VF155 Rego: ZSF-570 1/18

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    The Sir Henry Royce Foundation The evolving role of Henry Royce engineering Enter Site

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    Donation of Items, Funds & Bequests "When sorting out your stuff and clutter; This is for the SHRF, you mutter." ​ The Foundation is a not for profit, registered charity so is financed entirely by donations and cash or in kind. It is exempt from paying tax. All donations in cash over $2 are tax deductible and receipts are issued for tax purposes. Donations in kind must satisfy the Foundation’s Collection policy. If tax deductibility is sought, it must be valued by an approved valuer abiding by the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program. All donations are recorded in permanent records held by the Foundation. The Chairman of Trustees acknowledges these donations by letter. In the case of major donations, the Foundation will provide documentation entitled ‘Deed of Gift’. Any person or corporation can contribute to the Foundation and all amounts and items are much appreciated. There are several ways you can donate; Donating memorabilia and items related to Royce and his engineering career Our archivist would be happy to receive original records and histories of Rolls-Royce and Bentley vehicles, service handbooks, photographs, books and publications, drawings and diagrams, manuals, RROC-A program, mementos, souvenirs, artworks and more. Larger items such as engines related to Royce i.e. aero, steam or crane are also desired. If you wish to donate item(s), please download this form . If you are require more information about the suitability of your donation or have further questions, please email: enquiries@henryroycefoundation.com Donation checklist for you to consider: Can you describe the item? Do you know to whom it relates? Are there any stories related to it? Where did you get it? If you have multiple items, can you describe the number or volume of the material? ​ Donating money direct to the Foundation Donations above $2 are tax deductible. Please download this form. You are able to make a once off donation of any size or donate an amount per year or for several years. Or simply complete online via our GiveEasy.Org link: Another super easy way to donate is to send us an SMS text message Text to: 0476 000 222. Type in: ROYCE Send. Half a second later a donation page to SHRF will appear on your mobile screen Fill in your name, email and cc details and amount. A minimum of $5. A tax deductible tax receipt is then immediately sent to your email Planning a Bequest in your Will You may wish to give a Bequest to the Foundation and will need to inform your solicitor or trustee company. If you have already a Will, you can add a codicil- a short legal amendment and again seek advice from your solicitor. Please note the full name is Sir Henry Royce Foundation ARBN 080511253 Download this information page for your Solicitor. Free of all duties and the receipt from the Chairman of the Foundation shall be a complete and sufficient discharge for the Executor(s). Read about one of our wonderful generous bequests from the late Andrew Alford - click here . ​ Establishing a legacy If you or your family would like to establish a legacy in recognition or memory of a loved one, we would encourage you to contact us to discuss the opportunity of titled research awards or scholarships. Please contact us via email to discuss, enquiries@henryroycefoundation.com ​ Frequently asked questions What happens to the material I donate? Items accepted into the Foundation will be assessed and housed in specialist, secure storage, in accordance with the Foundation's collection documentation and preservation policies. The principal archives and collection is housed in Melbourne in either the Bill Allsep House or Lionel Gell School of Instruction. Sub - archives are also in Brisbane for Queensland donations or for duplicated items. If there are several copies of a donated item within the Foundation’s collection e.g. publications, then the Foundation may sell them. The same applies to a donated vehicle or car body if it is duplicated or of non-archival importance. How can I get my memorabilia to the Foundation? The archivist will advise you the best way for its transport. It may be posted, delivered or collected depending on the size and weight. Will my donation go on display? The Foundation will endeavour to display donated items with a descriptive label and name of donor where appropriate. Can the Foundation provide a valuation for my items? The Sir Henry Royce Foundation cannot provide valuations of your items. As a registered Charity, the SHRF abides by the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts program. Your donated item will need to be valued by an approved expert valuer in the relevant field. The SHRF can assist you with commencing this process. ​Does the Memorial buy items? The Sir Henry Royce Foundation does not purchase material for its collection. Valuation of Museum Items For a tax deduction to be available on items donated to The Foundation, such items must be valued, independently, by two valuers nominated by the Australia Taxation Office. It is important to note that these valuations are undertaken against the background of the Federal Government’s Cultural Gifts Program and take into account the “cultural value” of the item as well as its “commercial value”. It is the policy of the Trustees that The Foundation carries the donated item as an asset in the Balance Sheet at the valuation determined by the Australian Taxation Office under the Cultural Gifts Program. This policy reflects the fact that The Foundation is a registered charitable foundation whose objectives include, inter alia, “the advancement of the science and technology of mechanical engineering for public benefit and the advancement of education”. Further, these objectives note that “the collection policy is to collect, document and exhibit objects especially related to the work of Sir Henry Royce”. It is entirely appropriate; therefore, that The Foundation’s assets are formally valued at a “cultural valuation” rather than a “commercial valuation”. This policy meets with the approval of The Foundation’s Honorary Auditor. Privacy Policy Please click here to view the SHRF Privacy Policy. SHRF - Supporting the Foundation (Margaret & Barrie Gillings) Play Video Supporting the Foundation Watch Now Share Whole Channel This Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Share Channel Info Close

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    Model Cars Large Model Cars in the Collection (photos below) Visitors to the SHRF’s home, Bill Allsep House, will admire the unique models of a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost and a 20hp car on display amongst the Foundation‘s collection. These two 2-metre-long models are the work of one man – the late Claude Mason. An outstanding feature of the Ninth Federal Rally at Mildura in June 1967 was the unveiling of a 2m-long driveable model of a 1922 Rolls-Royce 20hp which had been built by Claude Mason over a period of a couple of years. Apart from the 198cc horizontally-opposed, water-cooled engine, Claude manufactured most of the other components including the chassis, wheels, axles, differential, steering and the body work. Even the tool kit is made to scale. The attention to detail must be seen to be believed. In retirement Claude continued working on another model: a 1907 Silver Ghost which was the centre of attention when unveiled at the Formal Dinner at the 1971 Federal Rally at Shepparton. The Silver Ghost model, which has a Master Pup single-cylinder two-stroke engine No P746, is heavier and more complex than the 20hp. To enable these model cars to be driven by adults, Claude hinged the front seats in such a manner that they fold back to allow enough leg room to operate the control pedals. The steering is said to be light and direct. Whilst each car has a gear lever it appears that the levers are more for show than functionality. Both models are outstanding examples of a skilled artisan’s craftsmanship. Claude was a capable pattern maker, and his skill as a toolmaker, moulder, machinist, metal worker, electrician, carpenter, upholsterer and painter are self-evident. He executed most of the work in his own well-equipped workshop at Coburg. When finished he proudly displayed the fruits of his extraordinary talents in the lounge room of his home in Bell Street, Coburg. After his death Claude’s family kindly offered the two cars to the Sir Henry Royce Foundation on permanent loan for display at the Fox Museum and subsequently at Bill Allsep House. ​ Small Model Cars in the Collection (photos below) The SHRF has been fortunate over the years to accept donations from Members, or their estates, which add to the story of Sir Henry Royce and Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars. Several of these donations have included model cars, of varying scales, which the benefactors have collected over the years. Below are examples of three of these collections which are now on display at Bill Allsep House in Melbourne. ​ ​ ** Click on the photos below to view the full gallery of photos. Model 10HP car, 1905. Franklin Mint Miscellaneous Models 1922 Rolls-Royce 20hp Built by Claude Mason Model 10HP car, 1905. Franklin Mint 1/24 SHRF - Claude Mason model (as told by John Reis) Play Video Claude Mason Scale Model Watch Now Share Whole Channel This Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Share Channel Info Close

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    Winners - Art Prize Saturday, March 24, 2012, saw the official opening by NSW Branch Member David Berthon of The Foundation’s Art Award, held under the auspices of the Sherbrook Art Society, Sherbrook, Melbourne. There were some 60 paintings entered into the competition.The standard of these paintings was excellent. The judge, Ern Trembath commented that he had found it difficult to pick the winning entries. Foundation Trustees were on hand to congratulate the winner of the Award, Maxwell Wilks for his painting “1910 Silver Ghost”. The three prize-winning paintings were acquired by The Foundation under the terms of the competition and are presently hung in Bill Allsep House. ©All rights reserved. No part of this website may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, by any means electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and recording without express written consent from the copyright owner. Individual works of art are copyright of respective copyright owner. SHRF - Art Prize (as told by Russell Rolls) Play Video Foundation Art Prize Watch Now Share Whole Channel This Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Share Channel Info Close 2018 - First Prize The winner of the 2018 first prize. Artist: Andrew Lome For his magnificent acrylic painting Titled 'Pride & Joy'. $5,000 acquisitive prize. Click Here 2018 - Second Prize The Foundation Award second prize winner is Artist: Maxwell Wilks For his beautiful oil painting Titled: 'Elegance and Style' $3,000 acquisitive prize Click Here 2018 - Third Prize Winner of the 2018 third prize is: Artist: Steven Park For his dreamy acrylic Titled: 'Silver Cloud -Sunshine Coast' $2,000 acquisitive prize Click Here 2018 - Highly Commended 2018 Highly Commended awarded to: Artist: John Orlando Birt Titled: 'The Long Road Home' Click Here 2018 - Highly Commended 2018 Highly Commended award to Artist: John Jones Titled: '1920 Silver Ghost' Car 127BW, owner Lyel Murrell ​ Click Here 2018 - Commended 2018 Foundation Award of Commended to: Artist: Susan Gillham Titled: 'Ghost on the Nullabor' Click Here 2018 - Commended 2018 Foundation Award of Commended to: Artist: Wendy Havard Titled: 'May 30th 1942' Click Here 2012 - First Prize The First Prize of $5,000 was awarded to: Maxwell Wilks - a celebrated artist in the French impressionist style. “1910 Silver Ghost” Oil 2012 - Second Prize The Second Prize of $3,000 was awarded to: Stephen Park “Bentley” Acrylic 2012 - Third Prize The Third Prize of $2,000 was awarded to: Neville Hunt “The Phantom II 1929” Water colour 2012 - Highly Commended John Orlando Birt "Lemans Thunder 1930" Water Colour 2012 - Highly Commended Wendy Havard "Green & Gold" Oil. 2012 - Highly Commended Ian Laurens "Bentley 1934" Acrylic. 2012 - Highly Commended Stephen Park "Corniche" Acrylic. 2012 - Highly Commended Elisabet Smedbakken "Silver Clouds" Acrylic Please reload